Friday, July 29, 2016

::taps microphone::

Well, hello there.

I've been busy this summer sending out submissions,  writing a query letter, and organizing the upcoming poetry club at the elementary school I work at.  And so many revisions.  On so many things.  Plus more on the newer-ish novel.

I've got four submissions out right now, a slew of poems which would be um... ::counts:: 10, and a short story. I just hope that the eventual rejection letters don't all come on the same day.  That would be kind.  Of no one's doing though but mine.  Heh.

So query letters.  They are a thing that may need more revision than the actual novel.  Which also still needs some cleaning up, but I decided years ago that it would be a forever project.  So I don't worry.

I'm also contemplating in a very small way, asking people to read it.  Can you imagine the gall in that!?  LOL  Only a very tiny part of me feels that way.

Thanks for reading!