Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Ignore warning" Wow, that's a grave warning, just for a left blank field

I've gotten a few more chapters updated, and one slid into another.  It was a lagging chapter that didn't fit on its own, so now it is in.  Works for now.

I've also been updating a few poems, and have gotten good feedback for one at PFFA.

I've collected the genealogical ones I wrote two (?) Napos back now, into some sense.  Still working on those.  They need a stronger POV I think.  Maybe, we'll see.

I tried revising with music playing in the background.  I never do this unless a specific song has inspired the thing.  I'm not sure this technique works for me.  When I'm listening to the music, the lyrics are playing in my mind, in addition to the listening.  But when I'm writing, my words are doing that.  I can't work well with both happening at the same time.  I wrote several short stories that were inspired by specific songs, and that worked, because it keeps the energy where it needed to be.

Oh, and on a local front, a poetry job.  Who would have thought!

Sunday, June 02, 2013


Well, that took longer than I thought it would.  First Napo, then May, then anniversaries, then a car accident, then finishing work, daughter's high school graduation, then figuring stuff post car accident, now here we are in June.  Hello June.

I've got summer happening.  Job is 9 months only, so this is very exciting.  I've got a list, and I'm gonna work it.

Priorities shift, time allows, and there you have it, time to do what I'd like.  I'm so jealous of the retired, time, health willing, to do what you please, and on your own timeline.  Whoever said youth was wasted on the young is right.  If you only knew when you were young.... Anyhoo...

So, list.  Yeah, since lists actually do work for me, I'm planning on a fruitful summer.  Here's hoping.