Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30 Drama, Drama and More Drama

Drama, Drama and More Drama

Summer jumped right over
Spring this year.  The daffodils were narcissistic
enough to never have considered why
they were freezing their
anthers off.  Toasty yellow
the next day, the confusion tempted
all but the best of them to spout
pollen immediately. Meanwhile
the hyacinths declared spilled blue blood,
their fate reminiscent of getting whacked in the back
of the head by the shock of temperature. 
The irises kept no prisoners,
using their leaves like swords, vanquishing
the last spring moment.  Summer heard
about this and awarded the iris the Blue
Beard Award for ornamental honour
beyond the call of duty.  The dogwood
looked down and barked
a sharp rejoinder, reminding Summer
who had the prettiest locks.
Summer gusted up a vicious breeze,
and dogwood lost most of her petals.
But alas, as all stories go, Summer
was vanquished a few months later,
by a more colourful foe, clad
in an even lesser ephemeral temper.


  1. Thank you! It was a little thin going in places, but I did.