Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow day

Snow day here, so I'm editing the novel.

I had a note to myself that I didn't remember the context.  But then I was on another page in a later chapter and I found a connection.  So I just worked that out.  Score.

It is good that sometimes, my notes to myself actually work out.  My memory leaves a little to be desired.  So luckily my notes to my future self work.

In other good news, the feather crest of post-its fanning out from the top of the novel are fewer.  The purpose of the third draft was to lessen these, and for the most part I have.  Now I just have to type in all the changes.

(I do not like the new Post page on Bloglines.  Too much like a Word document.)

Have a good day.  And today is the last day to submit to the PFFA Cupid's Choice Challenge.  Go, submit!!

Have a good one.

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