Sunday, November 25, 2012

Form Content Superheroes, they have capes too I bet!

Poetry has always had the skill of opening my world.  And once again, with the completion of Coursera's American Modern Poetry, or as it is affectionately know, Modpo.  (Though initially I thought it would be MoPo which I do think is more amusing.)   ::waves to new people::

It was interesting experience, doing a class of this sort online.  The professor Al Filreis and his amazing sidekick TAs were great.  Superheroes of a sort, yes, we can work with that.  Poetry superheros.

What first made me decide to take this course, other than it being free, was that I needed to remove a bad taste I had lingering for 30 years about taking an American poetry class.  Not for the poetry or the American but because all those years ago, the professor who taught that course at the university I attended was a bit of a jerk.  To put it politely.  He taught the course as if he and the material were the be all and end all of poetry.  Anyway, I felt I would get past this, and all would be well.  And indeed it was.

This was refreshing and interesting.  How each of the individual personalities of the participants shone through was excellent.  Their personalities made form content.  Or content form... And we know that is the banner of modern poetry.  How they all participated in the forums was super cool given there were 30K+ students.  Because if they could do that for that number, there is no reason on god's green earth for any other professor to ever say they don't have time for students.  Ha, the bar has been raised. academia!  See their capes fly.  (Heh, I can work a metaphor into the ground, don't you think!)

Anyway, thank you all for doing such a spectacular job sharing your love, your knowledge, and yourselves!!  This goes to all the other students too.