Saturday, October 20, 2012

brimful cup

I'm very happy to have one of my poems in the new and second issue of The Lincoln Underground.  Very exciting for me I have to say.  It's been a while since I've been in print.  They are a new literary magazine in Lincoln, and I'm wishing them the most success.  Can't wait to see the issue.

In other news, I've been editing away for a while now on my long story.  My laptop had motherboard issues, and a long saga that concluded with it being returned working, but with assorted items falling out of it.  Oh Dell, what collects in your small hollows is amazing.  Well named company.  Anyway, I can now move the edits from paper to digital, though I am very much liking the paper edits.  Whole different feel!

I'm doing the Modern Poetry course by way of Coursera.  We, and my 30000+ conspirators, aka fellow students, are about half way through now.  I would highly recommend the courses there.  ModPo is a great delight, and once again, I'm taken by the wide variety of readings assorted people have of any given poem.  I've already read several of the poems, but have been surprised by those which I have enjoyed the most, specifically this one by X.J. Kennedy.  Very unexpected, and I love the whole feel of the poem, its use of language, the nod to Marcel Duchamp's painting with the same name.  Good stuff!  Seriously, "constant thresh of thigh on thigh" is brilliant!

Have a great weekend!


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