Thursday, August 30, 2012

taking life by the throat

::waves::  Hello thar you!  /pirate voice

I've been alternating between busy editing the long story, and lackadaisical meanderings.  It seems never to be at a steady pace.  Anyway, hello.

(Shoot, just dropped my cookie, and I can't find it.)  (That's what I get for eating and typing at the same time.)

I've been reading more poetry than I have in a while.  That is pleasing.  What isn't pleasing is that some of it isn't quite poetry yet.   Poetry in waiting, maybe would be a more generous description.

I'm not sure how my time is going to be in the coming days.  Work changes, but those I'm looking forward to.

I'm also going to take this course.  Mostly saying "Yay!" to that.

I've done a submission but I'm not going to talk about that yet.  ::waits::

To address the late date of this posting after my last, mostly has to do with me reading somewhere, can't remember, that basically said that if you don't make or have time to write, you really shouldn't be blogging.  That both felt true, and felt rather sad.  Oh well, some things stick when they shouldn't and other things don't when they should.

Have a great day!

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