Saturday, January 07, 2012

Take me to the river, drop me in the water

So my plan on my previous post didn't happen.  Oh well.  Family visitors trump it at Christmas.  On the other hand I did put a link on my left side bar for my poems published online.  This, for one reason:  now I will have to start sending stuff out, so it isn't left all by itself.  I do have a few more publications, but they aren't online. 

It's funny in a way.  I haven't been thinking about the long story that much, but I've been thinking of poetry lines every day.  I wonder if there is brain space for only one at a time.  I know my brain handles these separately, so I guess I'm not surprised.  The flow can only be on one stream at a time, to give it river imagery. 

My dreams have also been very different since I haven't been writing.  I gotta get some of that energy onto the page.  Very diverse to say the least.

(I'm so not used to the pad on my new laptop.  So prefer a mouse.)

That is all.  Have a good one.   Maybe I'll read the last chapter I wrote, to see what it actually looks like, not just what I remember writing.  Again, two very different things.