Saturday, October 08, 2011

long story is long

I've topped 90,000 words on my long story.  91133 to be exact.  Feel like I'm in virgin territory again, the first time since I started the story in 2004.  (see title of post)  I felt that way long ago when the story hit me, and I started writing it, and it kept going, in fits and starts, and now I can see the end.  I know mostly where it is going, mostly.  I can still be surprised with this.  A case of me sitting down, and letting it happen.  I'm just as surprised as anyone about this, the fact that it is working (mileage may vary), and that I've gotten this far.  And soon, I will begin the morning after hung over attempt at revision.  I read that analogy somewhere recently and it felt true.  Writing is the party, and the revision is the hangover the next morning.  Maybe that is where the virgin-ness feel is coming from.

Anyway, I'm glad.  I read a month or two ago, that one shouldn't be blogging as long as there is writing to be done, and again my own mileage on that theory varies, but it has kept me quieter on these fronts because of that ~~guilt~~suggestion~~not quite the right word, but hey, it worked.

I popped out another thousand tonight, so that was good too.  Dialogue writes more quickly now that I've gotten more of it written.  The words beget the words, or something.  (See how specific I can be?)  It still isn't my favorite part of writing.  I'd rather write lingering paragraphs, or a poem, or watching the story unfold, but alas, people have to speak.  A huge part of my revision will be in the second half of the book, where characters are interacting, and I will have to build the world around the written dialogue.  I have learned I can't do both together.  Different brain bits.  I also learned that if I visually imagine my characters speaking, then it works more smoothly.  Translating the visual words to the written words.

Have a great [insert word of your choice]. 

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