Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This interview is well worth reading. Robert Peake interviews Mark Burnhope. Mark has a new book out, The Snowboy. My copy should be arriving soon. After reading this interview, I find it harder to wait.

So in a way, the brothers force me back into my own birth, which had its problems. I survived, but I’m contrasting that with my child that never lived, who we saw as a ‘miracle child’ (I’d been told I was unable to father children). The brothers throw ‘me’, the begrudging survivor, ‘miracle child’, back into the dark. It’s confusing, but it’s a fever dream, so I like that.
This portion of the first half of the interview especially. For me anyway. Who gets to live and who doesn't is always striking to me. How Chance plays its role. How it moves us around and how we get moved. My son who didn't get to live, and the one who did. Twins separated. Parents separated from their child. Fairness doesn't have a role. I think Fairness ought to get to step up more often. But the oughts, the expected welcomed states, are often nought. I will find this paragraph quoted above living with me for a while. So, thank you.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Empty mantel

Working on my long story, and all the characters have come to a stopping point.  I have to get them riled up again...no gun on a mantel or anything.  Hmm...

I do have a hearse parked so maybe that would work...