Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not abandoned

Not an abandoned blog here, despite last date of a post, but actively writing. I am racking, wracking, wrecking (pick one) up a word count on the Trapper story, that I'm still hesitant to call a novel. Talk about pressure. As long as it's a story, no pressure. If it's a novel, then OMG.

In other news, this is fabulous. About the up and comers in what seems to be a new Detroit. I've written poetry about Detroit, I post links when ever I can about Detroit, despite not be a Detroiter. I think I'm one at heart. I grew up in Windsor, across the Detroit River so I've was able to see a great American city over the years. I love that city. It grows on you, its vulnerabilities, its scariness, its kindness, its honesty. In particular its honesty. Detroit is always truthful. It never lies. I think I used that line in a poem about Detroit once. I partied there as a young adult in its punk clubs. I once was in a car with friends in front of Clutch Cargo's (I think it was) and a man shoved his arm, a Joe Louis fist if I ever saw one, into the car to grab the car keys. Knowing how Detroit could be sometimes, I feared for my life. Turned out he was a cop who thought we had alcohol in the car. We didn't. He checked the trunk and let us go. I think he might have apologized too.

I'm very sentimental about Detroit. I think this is where my love for the city comes from. When I was 6 or so, I saw it burn. Mr Beck, our neighbour, let us use his binoculars to look across the river at the tall buildings burning. I asked my mother if it would come "here" to Windsor, and she said no. I was much relieved but I worried about the people there. A city burning, I had dreams of things burning after that. I think I'm always worrying about the people there a little. They've been through so much, and that is why I'm happy to link the film above. They mention in the film, that Detroit is a city of hope. I believe that fully. I was always hopeful when I went there. To have fun, to see a big American city. I lived in a smallish Canadian city. The draw was northwest. Yes, Detroit is northwest of Windsor. A Trivial Pursuit question I always get correct. Detroit is north of Windsor. America, north of Canada. That always amused me too. So many twists with that city, so much to give and share, which it did happily. Detroit always offered itself to America, and the world. Even in its dark days, it did, it does. How cool is that?

ETA: Detroit's poet laureate is Naomi Long Madgett. Here is a link to a few of her poems.

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