Saturday, July 31, 2010

My two week vacation only resulted in one poem and no writing on my long story. None and nada. So much for those plans. I had planned and plotted but didn't actually get anything written. That is the rub. The rub on pen on paper.

I think I've gotten caught up on reading online since getting home. This saddens me. It is too bad it came to that but I understand. I think the online world lets people be who they are. It's just too bad that there are so many who use their words in ways that don't lift the conversations. On vacation we were discussing how alcohol shows who a person really is. It isn't a cover, but lifts the lid on who they really are. Same as online IMO. Who do you want to choose to be? Simple question I think.

Ron Silliman's blog opened the online poetry world to me, finding places and topics I wouldn't ever have. So for that I'm grateful.

Now to boil some potatoes and consider what words I'll write next.

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