Wednesday, May 12, 2010

back in the saddle, or office chair as the case may be. Do people ever put saddles on their chairs?

I think that would be funny. (I'm also curious as to how long a Subject Line could be here on Blogger.)

Napo always wipes me out, and I haven't written anything since. I tried figuring Word out for chapters this morning and that is a lost cause. So I reopened yWriter and am going to read my 39168 word story, and then begin anew. Anew and anew, because that word is used often in regards to this story.

I wonder what Trapper has been up to since I saw him last. This could be interesting.

I do have an idea for the book in the story, literally back story for the story.

Now I'm closing said internet and getting to work. ::wishes really hard::

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