Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun, you decide

I've gotten a little bit more written on my newest short story.  I'm fairly happy with how it's progressing.  The writing part is actually fun on this one too.  Again, the amusements I find writing always surprise me.  It is a joyous thing to do.  I'd hate to ever reach the place where it isn't.  Saw a link today, that I've lost (bane of my online life I say) where the woman was award winning, but only just wanted to write.  I think that is a great place to be.  She'd give up getting and being published in a second, as she just wants to write, and finds that effort, the publishing parts, to be her bane.  (Not sure if that is the correct word usage, but I like the way it sounds.)  ::shrugs::

That is all.  Have a great day. 

I need to figure out a new tag for my new story.   Oooh, genesis.  Multiple meansing! Perfect!

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