Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'm back. I was gone to deal with family situations, and am back. Most of you didn't know I was gone, so.

Hello to all my Chase/Brochmeier/Lee search people. You have been busy. Paper writing time I guess. I hoping for awards for them, so I won't tell any secrets if that's the case.

I wrote only one poem when I was gone, and glanced at it when I got back. I'll let it sit longer. It needs to. They say time heals everything. Just testing that theory. Wouldn't that be neat?

When I was out of town before this more recent out of town, I purchased a bunch of poetry books. They are:

The Sky Clears: Poetry of the American Indians by A. Grove Day 1952 UN Press.

Women of the Red Plain: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Women's Poetry Translated by Julia C. Lin 1992 Penguin Books.

Poems Old and New 1918-1978
by Janet Lewis 1981 Swallow Press.

The Need to Hold Still: Poems by Lisel Mueller 1980 LSU Press.

Just in Time: Poems 1984-1994 by Robert Creeley 2001 New Directions.

The first two because I've seen so many Read 50 [fill in} of assorted cultures that I thought this was something I should do. Not in an organized way, because heck, I know that won't work

Mueller because I've only read a few of hers and have loved them. And then there it was on the shelf. I give much credence to the "There it is!" approach to finding great books. Has worked for me anyway.

Creeley keeps popping up everywhere, another indicator of need to choose. When I keep seeing names pop up in all sorts of different places, it's like fate saying, "Here, now!", so I listen.

Lewis I'd never heard of but after googling it seems that she is considered great and obscure. I love when that happens. Like a secret waiting to be opened.

Have a good one.


  1. Welcome back, and I hope the family issue(s) got sorted with a minimum of fuss...

    Lemme know if any of those books really grab your fancy; I'm always on the lookout for new stuff/authors to read.

    Take care.

  2. My dad's been ill, so we will continue to be hopeful.

    Will do on the poetry, Scotty. Some of the Mueller poms have been lovely.