Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'm back. I was gone to deal with family situations, and am back. Most of you didn't know I was gone, so.

Hello to all my Chase/Brochmeier/Lee search people. You have been busy. Paper writing time I guess. I hoping for awards for them, so I won't tell any secrets if that's the case.

I wrote only one poem when I was gone, and glanced at it when I got back. I'll let it sit longer. It needs to. They say time heals everything. Just testing that theory. Wouldn't that be neat?

When I was out of town before this more recent out of town, I purchased a bunch of poetry books. They are:

The Sky Clears: Poetry of the American Indians by A. Grove Day 1952 UN Press.

Women of the Red Plain: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Women's Poetry Translated by Julia C. Lin 1992 Penguin Books.

Poems Old and New 1918-1978
by Janet Lewis 1981 Swallow Press.

The Need to Hold Still: Poems by Lisel Mueller 1980 LSU Press.

Just in Time: Poems 1984-1994 by Robert Creeley 2001 New Directions.

The first two because I've seen so many Read 50 [fill in} of assorted cultures that I thought this was something I should do. Not in an organized way, because heck, I know that won't work

Mueller because I've only read a few of hers and have loved them. And then there it was on the shelf. I give much credence to the "There it is!" approach to finding great books. Has worked for me anyway.

Creeley keeps popping up everywhere, another indicator of need to choose. When I keep seeing names pop up in all sorts of different places, it's like fate saying, "Here, now!", so I listen.

Lewis I'd never heard of but after googling it seems that she is considered great and obscure. I love when that happens. Like a secret waiting to be opened.

Have a good one.