Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy new years

Hi all. It's been a while I will admit freely. There have been sicknesses, holidays and whole years passing, so I think my excuses stand. Like a toddling new year baby.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year, and your wishes fulfilled.

I just opened a Word file of that story I began a few weeks ago. The simmering of time seems to have done wonders with this story. I'm very happy with its tone, and humour. Fav bit:

I didn’t shake their world, I didn’t scare them, or hit on the ladies, or cause anyone to blush, and I ate the casserole. Their standards weren’t high and I met them. Their moons and stars are my clouds.


I don’t consider my backside very often, except for when I have sat a stretch, generally painting. I don’t paint standing very often. That is for posers. I would rather my energy go to the painting or drawing, rather than to keep me standing for a length of time. My front side requires other considerations.

How much laughing should one's own writing command? My question for the year. This guy has a personality that has surprised me completely. Can't wait to get to know him a little more. Have a great day, and an even better year! And most of all thank you for reading!

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