Sunday, December 07, 2008

Writers' writing rooms. This is excellent.

Pulling vibes out of the ether

As to my non-indexing woes a few posts back, it seems that reinstalling Sitemeter does useful things.  Huh.

I have another idea for a story but have absolutely no idea how I would accomplish it.  A dying woman looking back over her unusual life where she lived it twice.  She lost and then that loss was refound, and how she sees each life.  A reverse Wonderful Life Capra maybe, or a reverse Christmas Carol.  Not sure yet.

The weight of gratitude.  Because getting what you actually want can be the hardest of all. 

No recent poems, although watching an Einstein special the other day did give me a few vibes.  It's like pulling the vibes out of the ether before they wander away.  Because they do that.  Much more quickly than I can grab paper to jot it down.

Have a good one.