Friday, November 21, 2008

Stealing names, just in case

When I was at work earlier, stuffing envelopes of all the grand things to be doing, I was totally inspired by the names I was seeing as I placed each address label on the envelope. Absolutely fascinating names. I want to post them here, but I won't of course. Not names to be embarrassed by, like some people I know that hate their name and in one case hates their parents for doing such a dastardly thing, but these names that are just living large. I want to steal these names and use them all as character names. Steal them away!! It's hard not to I will admit. My name isn't odd, or weird, or particularly interesting, occasionally queen like I would put forward ;-) although I wasn't named after her, but these names were just breathtaking. I emailed myself the names for future reference, just in case.

Now I am wondering how to use them....

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