Monday, November 10, 2008

Linky linky


Darn, it doesn't say what I wrote. I was hoping for a cool graphic. I wrote "This is funny."

It is like a hitman coming after low word counts. Type for your lives.

In an absolutely different vein, The Group News blog asked for a link, so here it is. I started reading this blog quite a while back, and after the death of its leader, Steve Gilliard, they kept up the fight. Good stuff.

Additionally, and shallowly, I get my haircut in a few hours. I haven't been pleased with this cut, no matter how many people say it suits me. Like the colour pastel blue, people comment in a positive way every time I wear it, and I really don't like the colour much at all. Be a real colour dammit! I don't think I have anything that colour any more.

Off to my day, have a good one.

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