Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy thanksgiving

Trypto-fans unite!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Casseroles squeak

Just under 700 words yesterday and today on the new what ever it will be.  I don't want to classify too quickly, because it will be what it is.  This time a lake-side rustic home, with decks.  My writing is moving onto nicer real estate and decorating even.  Why shouldn't I describe nice things?  I am thinking glass surround living room, over looking hills by the lake.  


Friday, November 21, 2008

Stealing names, just in case

When I was at work earlier, stuffing envelopes of all the grand things to be doing, I was totally inspired by the names I was seeing as I placed each address label on the envelope. Absolutely fascinating names. I want to post them here, but I won't of course. Not names to be embarrassed by, like some people I know that hate their name and in one case hates their parents for doing such a dastardly thing, but these names that are just living large. I want to steal these names and use them all as character names. Steal them away!! It's hard not to I will admit. My name isn't odd, or weird, or particularly interesting, occasionally queen like I would put forward ;-) although I wasn't named after her, but these names were just breathtaking. I emailed myself the names for future reference, just in case.

Now I am wondering how to use them....

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I think this blog isn't being indexed by google anymore, because the steady stream of certain searches I would get all the time dropped off the day after google said they weren't indexing everyone any more.  But then given the amount of posting I have done, understandable.

In better news, if you can, pick up a copy of The Best American Short Stories 2008.  The story by Kevin Brockmeier entitled The Year of Silence is so worth the price of the book.  This one is the best story I have read in a while.  Silence cuts out in the world for a moment, and what results is an exploration of humanity's needs and wants.  With a scifi bent, but kept totally human, this telling, and this writing is just genius.  I will totally check this guy's other stuff out. 

I also read and was extremely impressed by Man and Wife by Katie Chase.  Creepy as anything I have read in a while.  I don't want to give anything away, but "wife" is a flexible description shall we say.  She rides the line between reality and "ewwww call the police" so well.  Subtle horror and kept that way on purpose, because then even more eek.

Have a good one!  Or two, like these.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Linky linky


Darn, it doesn't say what I wrote. I was hoping for a cool graphic. I wrote "This is funny."

It is like a hitman coming after low word counts. Type for your lives.

In an absolutely different vein, The Group News blog asked for a link, so here it is. I started reading this blog quite a while back, and after the death of its leader, Steve Gilliard, they kept up the fight. Good stuff.

Additionally, and shallowly, I get my haircut in a few hours. I haven't been pleased with this cut, no matter how many people say it suits me. Like the colour pastel blue, people comment in a positive way every time I wear it, and I really don't like the colour much at all. Be a real colour dammit! I don't think I have anything that colour any more.

Off to my day, have a good one.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So glad

I haven't mentioned here, because I have mentioned elsewhere, but YAY Obama win!!  Thank goodness.

The reason I am bringing this here, is that not only does Obama read poetry, he has written it too.

This makes me happy.  Oh so happy.  Eloquent, and thoughtful.  I like that a mindset such as that will be in the White House now, something that has been lacking for far too long.


Obama gets his own tag.

Very good stuff

Go read. Amazing. Every thread I have read so far.

I couldn't do it, heck I'm not doing NaBloPoMo either, but a very excellent snap of a start for those who are doing this Seven/Seven.  Now I know how I will feel if I don't do Napowrimo next time.  ::is sad::

I think seven is their lucky number...