Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm writing, I'm writing /Spongebob voice

I wrote the rest of the suggestions and edits made by writing group.  Now I just have to add my own corrections from the notes I took.  Then do one more set of dialog, and I think I might be nearing done.  Then of course, all over again, sentence edits. 

It's interesting how I know which suggestions I will use almost immediately, and those I don't warm to at all.  I don't want to make this a romance story, which it isn't at all.  Just because people can find love doesn't necessarily mean you need to show graphic sex.  The story is about the world ending, not someone getting laid.  (Of course you know it happens, but still)  Some suggestions lead toward that romance style.  Eurgh.   I don't want to write what I know I can't write, I would rather work on those things I need to improve and can see the light.  I don't like beating my head on walls.  No win there.  I want subtlety even if the story isn't.  I want the images to unfold with some amount of nuance.  If you are writing of a harsh person, or one with harsh deeds, I'm not convinced you can't do that without refinement.  I dunno.  Still learning here.  I will keep it all in mind.

Maybe at some point I might even get to the Napowrimo poems to edit.  Now that I am in editing mode.  There is great satisfaction in that.  Joy and glee in the writing, satisfaction in the editing.  

Have a good one. Thanks for reading.

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