Friday, October 17, 2008


Today is the first day I felt I had a right to update here.  It has been a while for multiple reasons.  Too many to count.  Anyhow, I started editing into the story the changes suggested by my now-defunct writing group (until the end of a semester supposedly).  I got several sections done on Don't Make Me Dance All Night.  This made me very happy.  I love watching the tightening of a story, how it grows from within and blooms out.  The first section that I was pretty happy with to start is better now.  I get to fix it.

Interesting too is how the story is seen by others, and the suggestions they offer.  Some I like and help so much with the improvement, and some just don't feel right for the story.  They would be great for another story, but not this one.

Oh, and one word edited on a poem.  I thought of Joyce, and his back and forth with words over a day or a  morning.  That is so funny.  I wish I had his words.  There is a line in a song I love, Road to Joy by Bright Eyes, "well I could have been a famous singer if I had someone else's voice but failures always sounded better..lets fuck it up boys, make some noise."  I get that completely.

Have a good one.

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