Monday, August 25, 2008

House cleaning

::tidies up Don't Make Me Dance All Night for writing group on Friday::

::worries::  ::cringes::

::Hears "Put it in scene"::

::knows this::  ::laughs::

I wonder if I should send the MP3 that has been so inspirational.  I hope I have the guts to dance at the end of the world.  Because really, any other way would just be sad.  Dance for the life you had.  That is totally worthy.

Recent purchases:  The Maytrees by Annie Dillard.  I have yet to read anything by her except The Writing Life, so I thought it was time.

The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies because I love the premise.  POW camp during the Second World War in Wales.  Friendship tale.   I did not know there were POW camps in Wales.  Assuming that is true, really neat idea. 

John Ashbury's Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror.  I figured I should read more of him than I have found online.  Can't wait!  Skimming I found the best first line:  "Once I let a guy blow me."  That dear readers is starting a poem with gusto.  He might have backed away from the experience (2nd line) but not enough not to write about it. That is a poet.  So much info in that line. "Once", historical and never since but also in a contemplative state of mind.  "I let" totally in control,  "guy"  the reveal... "blow me".  End stopping on the reveal.  Period.  Short statement of fact.

I think I mentioned this already, but Mary Kinzie's A Poet's Guide to Poetry.  Still enjoying.

Have a great day.  I have to go tidy this story.   


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Annie Dillard is one of my all-time favorites. Don't know if you'd like "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek," but it was my bible once upon a time. The more recent essay collection "For the Time Being" blew me away with how she linked together seemingly disparate topics.

    Love your writing enthusiasm! I'll miss book group ... y'all should get the band back together after I leave ...



  2. Thanks Becki. My flu really did a job on that book group. We should as it was fun.

    I can't believe you are leaving so soon!!!!