Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fallings and failings

I'm back from Vancouver and had a fabulous time.

Falling: The Code

N is lying in bed listening to apples fall. Tried to find a pattern or code, but didn't. A nod to Shakespeare's Hamlet with "even as I sleep, and dream, I know". But finally I decided that apples were not apples, but commentary on falling wisdom and failings. This is an ominously political poem. The sharp sonics of the letters p, t, dr, st are sharp and striking not unlike the thunks of the apples falling. Or bodies falling.

During long moments of silence
I wait
and wonder about the bruised bodies,
the terror of diving through air, and
think I'll go tomorrow
to find the newly fallen, but they
all look alike lying there

While I was gone on vacation I was pondering getting back to the poems, hoping they wouldn't just be about hair or fruit, and this one happily brought me back. I am very pleased to hear this of his voice.

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