Sunday, June 22, 2008

Catching up, or writing in a vise

I had fallen a few days behind on the NaPoReMo, but did catch up. Li-Young Lee. The posts are over at PFFA. There are some interesting poets (several of whom I have never heard) being talked about over there. Neat stuff.

I got a very tiny little bit of writing done yesterday on my end of the world story. What I want to do with this, and what I am capable of doing with this might be very far apart at this moment. I will continue to force those two together. Writing in a vise. Hahaha. Anyway. Um.

I had a moment of a poem the other day, but then it was gone. Butterfly nets and vises, the tools of the trade. Or something commensurate with that.

Have a great day. I might even write!

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