Thursday, May 22, 2008

Twice in one day ooooohhhh

I am killing every character in this new story. Part of the story so, cool not just me killing my darlings. I seemingly like to kill off characters. Maybe I will leave an astronaut or someone floating around the earth. I am amused by this idea. Not sure if I should be, but I am.

Also, as the world shuts down in this story, the Daily Show will continue broadcasting. I literally laughed out loud when I realized this was to be so. Because they might just do that. I love that show. Anyhoo...

Other news. Rob's idea here is brilliant. I haven't decided what book of poems yet, but will. I have a few days. I will have no intartube connection from the 5-11 of June, so I will bunch up a few, and then catch up later. I have done Napowrimo, Nablopomo (wins for funniest sounding!) and now NaPoReMo. I am definitely cranking out the Na...mos. Ha.

Have a great evening. I am off to kill Barbara Sue. The fact that her initials are BS amuses me even more. Chuckling here. Don't mind me....

File under not fair at all

My god what some people have to bear. I had wondered why he hadn't posted in a while, and this is the update. I wish Reginald Shepherd the very best recovery possible.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Now what

I have to say that finding and discovering characters is relatively easy for me. They just appear. I came up with an idea for a story, that takes several character's views of an event. Poof, I had 11 characters vying for my attention. I have already figured out their approach to the event, how they will deal. This I think will stretch me, because I almost might find writing their voices challenging. They are very different, but I hope their voices don't blend and blur. It will involve some research too (which I love) because they live all over the globe. I am going global!!

I think I have a title too, but that may change.

I have written no poetry except for a few blibs and blabs since April. No surprise, but I have been reading more.

Mostly the classics. My son is addicted to the game Age of Mythology, and because of the actual content in that game, he has been talking mythology non stop. We have been researching all those gods and goddesses which got me reading the classics I already had. Which were not enough. I picked up a copy of The Longman Anthology of World Literature, Volume A: The Ancient World for $4.35 used. Perfect condition I might add. Anyway, I have been drilling through the centuries. I am preferring the Greeks I have to say. Although the beauty of Gilgamesh is unsurpassed, even by today's standards. Or a fabulous translation. Either way, excellent. And now I want to learn Cuneiform script, not that I know a thing about it. But it worked for them.

Have a good evening.