Sunday, April 06, 2008

Not a poem

Not a poem, but an observation. I am always boggled when I find a new blog to read, someone who is writing astounding things, and when I click the Sub blog button to add it to my Bloglines, I discover no one else is reading that person. Boggled. The one thing about the intarwebs, is that they are so vast, so wide, that huge voices can't be found easily. But that is the joy of the intartubes, is that those voices are out there waiting to be discovered. Well maybe not waiting, because they are going about their business, but then they are found.


Oh, and a note about writing group the other day. It was *so* helpful. I got pointers on POV on the story. I sent chapter 2. I need to tweak my POV because it was bobbling between third person omniscient and third person limited. As the writing has gone on now (for too long, something I have learned about myself), it has changed, and the earlier versions really show the noobiness of the writing. And some of the chunkier rewrites show the difference too. That is obviously a good thing, but it does require checking out the old. I think I have learned that I need to plop it all down in a timelier fashion than I have. If only that the threads stay together, and the story doesn't become repetitive because it has taken so long, and I have to reremember for myself. The reader doesn't need to see that.

Anyway I am very grateful for these critiques, because otherwise I would never get out of my head. I saw a comment the other day elsewhere, speaking about how writing for this person is like translation. To get it from what is in her head, to words on the page. Like translating mediums. That would be me. L commented about a specific bit of dialog, and I said that Trapper was thinking this and this, already clear in my mind. That is what I need to add. The story is already there, and I just need to use words now to get it on the page.

I am avoiding today's poem if that isn't obvious ;-) Have a great one.