Sunday, January 20, 2008

Would it be a pale fire, or a raging fire?

Love children and how they are handled, or Hamlet's dilemma which is kind of a cool way of looking at it.

Given how Lolita was treated and manipulated by popular culture, maybe Nabokov didn't want Laura treated the same way. I could understand that. Putting myself in his shoes, I think of how I would feel if someone found writings I didn't want public. I sympathize with that. But this is Nabokov, not me, and I would love to read whatever it was. Nice literary controversy. Like the writer's strike, it makes me happy that sort of thing is getting wider exposure, for people who wouldn't notice otherwise.

In other news I have scheduled a few things that I am going to do. A certain poem that I workshopped for writing group, I am going to actually think about submitting it. Maybe. We shall see. I'm not brave. I get what Dmitri is feeling. Be brave enough to make the right decision, when you don't know what that is.

A certain willingness to let it fly and see what happens is freeing of course, and [insert screams of doubt] then you will never know if you don't.

Have a great Sunday!

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