Monday, November 26, 2007

Velvet and chocolate

Not nearly as decadent as it sounds. The velvet for bacteria plating and the chocolate is scented soap. The soap is for my daughter for Christmas. She loves chocolate, so I can not imagine her not liking that. I really hope it smells like real chocolate rather some chemistry experiment gone wrong in New Jersey. I say New Jersey with impunity, because the scents that accompany most of our products with fake flavours and smells are concocted in New Jersey. I will let you know in a few weeks how it smells.

I didn't start Christmas shopping early, but I have tons done. I have never racked up such good savings either. I have even gotten some things on Amazon, just to have around, because they will eventually be someone's gift. So cool.

I am eating spinach and tortellini right now. It is delicious. In a bit I go and get my hair cut. My ever growing at such a rate it becomes annoying hair. And as much as I like my hairdresser, the disconnect between her idea of styling hair and mine are very different things. She does a great job, but I want my hair to look flawless with no work, and she knows that one has to work at ones hair. Hence the disconnect.

Have a great day!


  1. Tell me about the spinach and tortellini. (They are my favorite vegetable and my favorite pasta.)

  2. Welcome! Actually that should have been spinach tortellini with cheese. Barilla makes them. They are quick to cook, and quite delicious. The flavours merge nicely. I like them just with a bit of butter, or sometimes olive oil. Sometimes a dash of grated cheese. Today they were just plain.

    Now I am hungry again!

  3. AJ! I just realized who you are! Between the initials and the spinach, total giveaway!! LOL

  4. Yeah, I wasn't trying to hide; I figured if you were using your initials, I'd follow the house style.

  5. No problem, I didn't think you were, it just took me a sec.

    Saute with garlic and a touch of olive oil, my fav method for spinach.

    Recipe compliments of the house!

    V ;-)