Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yet another reason I love Crooks and Liars.

File under lord help us. given that seems to be a huge part of the problem /upsetting talk

I hope to get some writing done before skating/grocery shopping. They skate, I go grocery shopping. I haven't done a full shop in a while, as I was gone, so our larder is lardless. Actually not true, I have some old lard from two Christmas' ago, when a recipe I wanted to make called for lard, and I could only purchase it in a four pack. So I have three left over, not to be used. I wonder how long that stuff keeps. Probably forever.

And even though it means nothing to anyone, I am in full support of the Writer's strike. Good for them. Also, I am enjoying the picket lines that are shown in print, on the internet and randomly on tv. Just nice to see writers out. In public, not in their office caves writing. It is excellent to put faces to that industry. For people whose skills keep them tied to a computer this opportunity gets their numbers out, not hidden away. They don't have the visibility of the actors, or directors, so this is an opportunity for them I think.

That is enough procrastinating! Have a great day.

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