Friday, November 02, 2007

Time the bullier

I am not as busy today as I was yesterday, but the failed trip to Home Depot just now put time back into a rush. It seems to me that a store that big should have multiple wattages of halogen bulbs, rather than just the one, which lead me to believe I was purchasing the correct bulbs. Oh well. I did my own check out, which was an interesting new experience. Like the library, only this version with money, and no books. The clerk was lurking, so I really didn't do it on my own. I think the clerks looked as if us noobs to the new system hadn't a clue. If she had let me read the equipment before taking the bulbs out of my hand, I am sure I would have figured it out. Kinda defeats the purpose IMO.

In other news, writing group is this afternoon. The one lady's two short stories. Read one, very cool, and just printed out the other.

I might go and purchase a dishwasher after lunch. Our recall rebate coupon is almost expired. See, time takes over again. Oooh, a theme for the Title of this post. I write my post, and then write my Title, so it writes itself. Using time for my advantage thank you very much! Last year's Nablopomo had time as its theme as well. You feel time more as you get older, therefore it becomes a thing. In youth, you don't think about time therefore you don't feel it. But then one day, yes even that fast, you feel its presence, and you know. Errr. I haven't decided what the theme will be, but I have a feeling it will decide for me. Themes are like that!

Have a great day everyone. I am off to hunt halogen. It is elusive!

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