Wednesday, November 28, 2007


From Choriamb, and I don't even wear perfume, but I think I would wear this. Awesome. And I know it wouldn't make me sneeze, because library smells, and for that matter used book stores, do not make me sneeze. Most perfumes do however.

Saw Evanescence last night. Plus Sick Puppies and Julien-K who opened. Evanescence was fine, Sick Puppies were how music should be played before a crowd, and the third, oh well. They tried. Actually they didn't and that is what annoyed me. They had the lights on the audience, so the singer could see those that adore him, not caring if we couldn't actually see him. I was annoyed. He was annoying. You aren't the rock star you think you are in your dreams. Harsh, I agree, but so was he!

But Sick Puppies rocked, liking a rocking thing, and Evanescence was doing her job. Good for her. The only other annoyance came later in the evening when I noticed some jock guy and some blond girl having a go at it on the main floor. Luckily my daughter (her first rock concert) didn't notice this. Get a room. You were not impressive IMO. Anyway, fun was had by all, hopefully including the blond. Wasn't sure exactly about her. He seemed proud though. Eww

Days are nearing an end for Nablopomo. Amusing name if nothing else. Oh speaking of amusing, line of funny poetry I spouted during dinner: my son's smile rises/ like yeasty dough poofing up... I made me laugh anyway.

Have a good evening. I am going to crash onto the couch.


  1. You young kids and you rock and roll music. You're so cool!

    So, when you say 'going at it," you mean IT?

    I was never that brave, nor that drunk.

  2. Pretty close to IT if not it. He was behind her yanking on her pants, and reallyreallyclose. When they were on the floor, her on top, clothes on, humping away, well ewww. Like a car wreck really. The security guard wasn't close at that point, but did move closer to watch. I was not impressed, and so glad my daughter didn't notice. And I am glad my eyes aren't what they used to be.