Thursday, November 29, 2007

More more

I have gotten at least half of the known Christmas shopping done. There are always unknowns, hence the disclaimer.

But for all that is holy on this earth, I ask Bed, Bath and Beyond to burn/bury/slay the scented pine cones at their front doors. Gag inducing stench. It is truly horrid, and the cinnamon(?) oil must be in the air, because I can still smell it, 45 minutes later. Why would anyone put those in their home! My head still hurts from the smell.

But more shopping is complete, so that is good. The gifts are jumping out at me, and I know exactly for whom I will purchase them. And luckily, almost all on sale. It is good.

I am going to make pizza for dinner, because I want a very casual evening. I don't have to work until next Tuesday, and that is good too. Writing group tomorrow, so I had better get critiquing those poems.

Have a great evening!

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