Monday, November 05, 2007

Little things

As much as I will miss the tv shows during the writer's strike, I feel slightly guilty for enjoying seeing writers on the news, out, being writers, on strike. You never get to see writers out and about, so these news clips bring me some guilty joy!

Certain mail delivery services, that I will not name, ought to learn to read addresses. And people at these addresses should not accept packages for people they do not know. Because those people then do not get their packages. Simple really.

Beignets are delicious! They don't need all that sugar. (Thank you person who reminded me about these.) It was too late in the day for their coffee, so I bought some French Roast to bring home! Yay.

Valerie Plame's eyes must roll back in her head because she so often has to explain herself repeatedly in front of stupid people. How far can eyes roll I wonder.

I shouldn't click around trying to find NBC. There is no NBC on this hotel network. There almost full circle. Have a great evening.

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