Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let me wipe it first; it smells of mortality.

So as I said in a reply on the previous post, yesterday was a day of smells, that hearkened forth many memories. Talk about an arrow to memory. Scents and smells (I distinguish) are just that.

We went to a hockey game, and on the way there we had to fill up the tank of the minivan at the gas station. There must have been gas on the handle of the pump because when my husband got back in the car he stank of it. Let us just say that I think gasoline is the worst smell in the world. Yes I know it is one of those love it or hate it things. I place myself firmly in the hate it camp. But additionally, there was also a grey sky, with looming snow clouds. When I was a kid, a car my parents owned occasionally had the smell of gas surrounding it. There were always grey skies in Windsor (the curse of the Great Lakes IMO). This atmosphere coupled with hunger is how I remember late Saturday afternoons when I was a kid. We all would go grocery shopping (I don't know why) and by the time all of the errands were done it was nearing dinner time. So hunger, smells of gasoline and grey skies absolutely merge and place me back in my childhood on Saturday afternoons. Plunk. Luckily I had the last slice of the pumpkin pie before we left so I wasn't fully there. Funny how smells do that.

Then when we got to the hockey game, unfortunately there were families all around us who were cigarette smokers. I am allergic so I am completely thrilled I had the presence of mind to have taken some Benadryl before we left. If I hadn't that smell would have led to sneezing and wheezing. Not a pretty sight.

They had wine at the game so I bought a glass. The word glass is extremely generous to use. It was a little plastic cup, with absolutely no support. Not much more than a dixie cup. I was not impressed. So by the time we got to our seats, up and down all of those stairs, we took at circuitous route to our seats, at least of quarter of it had been spilled. I was annoyed. At least it did not burn my hand like hot chocolate did at ice rinks when I was a kid. I distinctly put burned mouths and ice skating together, because they always were. The scent of thick hot chocolate, the smell of crunchy winter ice and the light of snow, another memory. Even now when I burn my mouth, I think of that outdoor ice rink where we used to skate.

At least the game wasn't annoying. The local team lost. I sometimes know what the score will be. I knew they would lose and erroneously predicted a 7-4 loss but the reality was 3-1. I think. I wasn't paying that close attention by that point. The bongo drummer guys had taken off their shirts by the end of the game, so I was distracted. That really does liven up hockey I have to admit. There was also some other guy shouting "Just fight!" That was amusing too. His honesty was refreshing. Some people say they don't like fighting in hockey, but would everyone stand and cheer if they didn't like it? I don't think so. Heh

Other smells of the evening were Parmesan, Zamboni (I am not sure this was an official Zamboni, but close enough), general hockey rink smells, hotdog, popcorn. On the way home only a hint of gasoline, and skunk. Which I didn't see, but smelled about a half a mile later. There was a deer strewn all over the road, but it was fresh, so not yet scented. The car it seemed to have totalled was by the side of the road, and a few minutes later we saw an ambulance zooming the other way. I hope they were okay.

All in all a very scent filled evening for a short trip to a hockey game. Have a great day!

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