Tuesday, November 20, 2007

[insert title]

[Insert complaint about hunger]
[Insert complaint about not writing often enough]
[Insert complaint about neck hurting]
[Insert complaint that I haven't thought of yet]

How's that sound?

It was foggy today, so that was cool. I love warmish fog. Not the cold stuff, because ewwww cold! But the gentle, sometimes blowing in off a lake, sort of fog. I love that. We rarely get it here, and I miss it. I was reminded about fog horns today, and apparently I miss those too. As beautiful as the prairie is, and it really is, some of the grand gestures nature makes are welcome. The quiet prairie sometimes needs the booms of thunder just to rouse it up a bit. Like thunderstorms during snowstorms, again the clash. A good thing. There could be snow tomorrow, so a thunderstorm amongst that would be lovely.

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