Monday, November 12, 2007

Domestic talk, real time...

The fellow that is installing our new dishwasher is here right now. He is removing the old one as we speak. It had a recall on it, so it was in our best interest to purchase a new one. Apparently, this one doesn't even have replacement parts any more. So the option of repair, which was given to us, isn't actually possible. We wouldn't have qualified for it anyway, because we had used that fluid you can use to keep spots from appearing on your dishes. The recall had to do with fires starting from that part leaking. Anyhoo, so he showed me how to show "proof of destruction", so we can get our rebate. Also, I was quite pleased that it isn't as gross as I feared under the dishwasher. There is a little open bit near the corner, and dust and stuff would regularly pile up there.

As you can see I am...oooh, the old one is now out and he is going outside to "prep" the new one.

Live blogging dishwasher replacement...ok, it will try to think of something else for today.... more later.

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