Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Clash of the organized titans

Today I noticed something I had noticed before, but it was especially obvious today. I am fascinated with how people line up with what they know, where they see safety in how others whom they think believe as they do. They fall in line with that comradery because it verifies their own world view. Everyone does this of course, but I noticed today especially how one person totally glommed onto the other because they thought they were of like minds. I guess why I noticed it especially, is because they lined up in the other camp than I would be in. Watching them verify who they are, by joining forces was interesting. How these two people will eventually get along, if they do, is still to be determined. I know one of them pretty well, and I could see that the odd comment the other was making will be their downfall. How their like mindedness only goes so far, and the very thing that they bonded over will be the thing that tears them apart.

Human interaction is always interesting. Always. Even when you vehemently disagree. On the topic of my trip last week, I was sharing what I saw when there, and a person with whom I generally disagree on all topics said she agreed with me on the said topic. But her reasoning was completely opposite to mine. She and I came to the same conclusion, but her argument I found repugnant. It is just her conclusion I completely agreed with. How we humans can do this I find fascinating too. Strange bedfellows as the saying goes.

Again, the fallout, whatever it will be, will be interesting. I will take my ZEN post-it note and hug it close.

Have a great evening.

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