Saturday, November 03, 2007


The pizza is in the oven baking, so this will be quick.

When we were kids, sometimes on Saturday evenings, after dinner, when the whole family was watching tv, Dad would decide that he wanted pizza. He knew the fellow who managed the Little Caesars pizza place in town, and he would ring up and order an EXTRA- LARGE pizza. In my mind's memory, it was so big. When it was delivered my Mum would put it on the orange footstool (yes, orange! This would have been in 1970 maybe)in the middle of the front room, and we would eat it, gathering a slice from the open box. Sometimes with paper plates and sometimes with no plates at all. Maybe just napkins.

I watched Good Times earlier today on tv, and was reminded of hours watching tv when I was a kid. These Saturday night pizza feasts were always fun. It was slightly rule breaking I always thought, to eat so much even after dinner, and in the living room to boot!! Once dad even made pancakes. It is he who enjoys cooking between my parents. Mum does it for maintenance, and Dad did it for fun. The difference between the have to and the want to.

Have a great evening!


  1. Wow -- memories. My dad would make popcorn almost every evening after dinner -- on the stovetop in a cast-iron pot, the kind with a handle on the lid to spin the kernals evenly. He'd dump it all in a roasting pan and drizzle butter over it. My brother and I would elbow each other, fighting over the "good" (butter-drenched to soggy) pieces. The pan would sit on the coffee table in the family room -- that awful knock-together pine furniture with green plaid cushions, in a basement darkened by fake knotty pine paneling. "Good Times" and "The Jeffersons" and "Laugh In" and "Million Dollar Man." We weren't allowed to watch "Charlie's Angels" or "The Love Boat" or "Fantasy Island" ... too much T&A. Thanks for bringing back the memory ... good times, indeed ...

    hope you're having fun on the road!

  2. Yay, thanks for sharing yourself! Some reasonable amount of fun.

  3. Good Times? That wasn't, "Whatchu talking about, Willis?" is it?


  4. Welcome Scotty!

    That was Different Stokes! Willis was the one son.

    I liked Good Times more. It had a little bit more heart without the "In a Very Special Episode..." attitude. I hated that as a kid. I always knew when they were trying to teach me a lesson I already knew!