Sunday, September 23, 2007

At least penguins are dressed when they are naked.

I found the map again. I had mapped the town in my story, because I am visual, and want to be able to picture the goings on around town. I lost the map, and then I found it, and then I misplaced it again, and then found it yesterday. Again. I am amused by losing and then finding maps.

Anyway, I might have to rename streets, because State and Main is just a little too clich├ęd for me this morning. Eh.

I sent the first chapter of this to the writer's group yesterday. My anxiety about it faded some, but talk about the emperor with no clothes. Sadly, I am picturing penguins right now. I do need a little more coffee I think.

I will map some more, and then see what the day brings. Have a good one.

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