Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spooky Feather 2 - not a movie

I think I titled another post feathers, so this shall be 2.

Today we drove to a year round ice rink for the family to skate. As it turns out only two of the four of us did. My son and I sat at the table area. I brought all my drafts that I printed out last week, the story, the short story and two poems. I expected to work on the story, but since I hadn't read the short story in a while, my eyes went to that. I worked on it a bit, between issuing quarters to my son for the video sort of game. Car racing. I got a bit of editing done. But that isn't the spooky part.

I am not one to be superstitious, or have spooky things happen. Well not often anyway. We won't speak today of knowing when the phone will ring, or premonitions, or things like that. But of feathers. The short story I am writing has quills and feathers in it shall we say? While editing, I was thinking that I liked the story, and it needs work, more action, and that it is funky, but kind of cool, not religious but might be perceived that way, and those sorts of neurotic OMG I suck thoughts. I do try to have some sort of confidence in what I do, knowing full well it all needs so much work. As we were walking out to the car, I was still pondering these fear-y thoughts, and what do I see, but a feather! On the concrete steps up to the parking lot. I love when life speaks to you and gently pats you on the back, easing the fears a little. I smiled, told my daughter, who thought it was way too freaky! Mommy at it again! Seeing metaphor in all she does.

But the feathery point remains, that fate placed a feather, coincidentally or not, in my path. Darn, I should have kept it. I was so surprised, it didn't occur to me to keep it. Oh well, maybe it will be helpful for someone else one day. Like today it was for me!!

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