Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quick review

When I was Canada a few weeks ago, I picked up Prism International: Contemporary Writing from Canada and Around the World. From the creative writing program at UBC. I had never heard of any of the writers but two short stories in particular were fabulous. Mavis Brown by Gord Grisenthwaite. Excellent. Sharp and painful for Mavis, seen in the eyes and pants of the narrator. This is how a character can be captured. Also, Entropy by J.R. Myers. Again, excellent characterization, not that you would want to know this fellow, but an interesting take on the concept of going home again. And an even more excellent closure to the story. OMG!

As to the poetry, the one that stuck me most was a poem entitled Dry by Rhonda Batchelor. Never heard of her either but her "A stiff wind off the water / carries autumn in its teeth." is really beautiful I think. Talk about grabbing the reader by the literal teeth. Liz Dolan's The Fall reminded me very much of Judith's Wright's Request to a Year. Again excellent stuff and I am very happy to have found it. Off to google.

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