Sunday, July 08, 2007

More who knew?

Stephen King's book, On Writing: A memoir of the Craft is a pretty good book. I just finished reading it this afternoon after a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago. He very neatly tells stories of his life as he winds them amongst generally good advice about writing.

I have decided that good writing (about writing even) doesn't depend upon genre, or what is deemed respectable by whom ever deeming (new word?) it as such. A few blogs I read by writers of scifi and fantasy have taught me as much about the craft of writing, as what I have read from those writing poetry type blogs or literary type blogs. Initially I wouldn't have given as much mind to Stephen King, but writing is writing, and I think that more important than genre. The aim should be the same. Plus I loved how The Stand delves into character.

That is all. :-)


  1. "On Writing" surprised me, too. I love to read about writing ... far more than actually writing myself. Lullifying.

    Ooh, the Art Institute. The Chagall windows! The ginormous* O'Keeffe over the stairs!

  2. I saw that O'Keefe! Amazing indeed! I miss that place already.