Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I didn't know Word had an outline function!

I just typed out an actual outline (from my notes) for the Trapper story. We are looking at 20 chapters, 8 of which are written. How well is to be determined, but written nevertheless. I will fill in the details later. But OMG 20 chapters. Who knew?

I have said "Who knew?" very often during this process. I am startlingly amazed by it. Who knew! Not always a question. What percolates out is fascinating to me, as I know not from where it comes, but that doesn't concern me really. I consciously do not let it concern me. I will just say thank you. Because I have found if I let those scary facts concern me, I don't get much writing done. So lalalala. I can repress with the best of them. Mad skillz as they say elsewhere. So while I free my inner critic (crap/not crap), and dance around the words, I let it flow. Some I know the reasoning, because biography works sometimes, and other times the creative muses do their work. Generally I don't believe in the concept of muses, but for lack of a better word, it works.

Have a great holiday if you are in the US. Celebrate like it means something.

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