Monday, July 16, 2007

god stuff riffing forward, on vacation readings

This and this are lovely.

I won't label myself either because what I think I believe doesn't fit in either place. No surprise when speaking of religion. I don't know what is after, or more than this material world, but I have had experiences that speak to another place and that I can't deny. I don't know if the stories of the religions fit with what I believe but I do think they are attempts at describing this other. I was speaking to my niece today about this very subject, and she is at the point of discovering that stuff sometimes doesn't add up. But I don't think that denies that there is some other thing, power, word that isn't available to describe this thing we all seem to want to describe. I love that we each apply our lives to this discovery, and in that the world expands. Even if there is no other, the discussion about such reaffirms what we are anyway. And that is good.


  1. And if it weren't for this ineffableness, we wouldn't have poetry or art -- these are the human ways of expressing the inexpressible.

    "God" is another way of doing it.

  2. Oh yes! I think it enough even if there is nothing else. Such beauty!