Sunday, July 01, 2007

Braiding that takes years

I just wrote the most broad outline for the rest of the story I am writing. I dare not yet call it a novel, bad karma or something. It is really bare, but I will trust that it will be filled in nicely as time, and my inspiration work together to help. I do trust that. Hey, it has been three years now, and it is still filling in. Like pie. LOL It doesn't have a strong ending yet either, many many threads to braid together so I am hopeful. >30K and counting. Or not counting.

One character, Reverend Tithe, seems to be forgotten. Maybe I should give him a gun or something. He will be useful as this moves along, giving solace and advice. I will put him to work soon, oooh, like Nabokov who called his characters galley slaves! That's the ticket! ::lashes whip::

Writing gives you a very powerful feeling. Surprising me, that.

Have a good one!


  1. ooh ... I want power like that! Usually I hear about writers who defer to their characters, saying the story just appeared to them, through no effort of their own. I like your version better. Crack that whip!

  2. It is pretty fun! That was today. I bet you that they will be whipping me back sometime soon. Maybe during my work trip and then vacation over the next few weeks. I had hoped to get some more writing done, so as per my life, that will be when they abandon me! Woe! LOL Thanks.