Sunday, July 29, 2007

Patrick Leigh Fermor

I think it is sad that google mostly only references Patrick Leigh Fermor as a travel writer. Granted it does note "literary" in several places, but I think that diminishes what would be his writing. It rivals Joyce, Proust, and Nabokov easily. The languor of Proust, the building of character like Nabokov, and the die hard spirit of Joyce. I just finished A Time of Gifts yesterday and then just dipped into Between the Woods and the Water. It makes me very happy that he is rumoured to be working on the third, to bring him the rest of the way to Constantinople. I am glad he was knighted and all, and that he is revered as a travel writer, but I don't think it should be through the lens of travel, it should be through the lens of the greatest writing of all time. Really and truly beautiful stuff. Europe pales (but is brought alive by the same) when compared to his words. A magnificent feat. I never really have wanted to travel to Germany before, would have been down on the list of places I would visit, but he really makes it and its people, especially during such a dark time, be a place I would want to visit. One of the harrowing aspects of this book, The Time of Gifts, is that the backdrop of the reality of that world clashed with his view of the beauty of it. It really sharpens what was going on and alluded to by him, when he could write of it with such sensitivity. It also brings to light the reality of the real people he met, rather than the big picture of history. It made me think more than once in the last few days, about the daily goings on of the people here, me too, when a horrid war is raging out of our range. Maybe out of the current war, will be a book of the Iraq or Afghan people, written in the same sort of way. How life does go on, while reality rages, and the the stories of history are written. I prefer the writings of the man on the ground, meeting the people, and seeing how they lived. Fermor did this well.

Because I have found him, I will have to read it all. Cuz that is what I do. Highest recommendation for his amazing, beautiful writing.

Idol chatter

I read a ton of blogs on Bloglines, but I totally forget to put them here. I promise I will try to remember from now on.

..promises, promises, do you remember the promises...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

::sits in my chair::

I am back. More later. It has been quite a fruitful couple of weeks writing (and reading) wise for me. A poem written, several ideas for poems and a couple of thousand words of the story.

This makes me happy. See you soon!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

god stuff riffing forward, on vacation readings

This and this are lovely.

I won't label myself either because what I think I believe doesn't fit in either place. No surprise when speaking of religion. I don't know what is after, or more than this material world, but I have had experiences that speak to another place and that I can't deny. I don't know if the stories of the religions fit with what I believe but I do think they are attempts at describing this other. I was speaking to my niece today about this very subject, and she is at the point of discovering that stuff sometimes doesn't add up. But I don't think that denies that there is some other thing, power, word that isn't available to describe this thing we all seem to want to describe. I love that we each apply our lives to this discovery, and in that the world expands. Even if there is no other, the discussion about such reaffirms what we are anyway. And that is good.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Early morning amusements

This blog is brilliant and this post is especially so!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

More who knew?

Stephen King's book, On Writing: A memoir of the Craft is a pretty good book. I just finished reading it this afternoon after a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago. He very neatly tells stories of his life as he winds them amongst generally good advice about writing.

I have decided that good writing (about writing even) doesn't depend upon genre, or what is deemed respectable by whom ever deeming (new word?) it as such. A few blogs I read by writers of scifi and fantasy have taught me as much about the craft of writing, as what I have read from those writing poetry type blogs or literary type blogs. Initially I wouldn't have given as much mind to Stephen King, but writing is writing, and I think that more important than genre. The aim should be the same. Plus I loved how The Stand delves into character.

That is all. :-)

Friday, July 06, 2007

More later as it occurs to me

Cutwork Notions

I place my perfectly squared-edge anger
neatly in my sewing box; folded and quartered,
sectioned for use later when the furrows are erased.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I didn't know Word had an outline function!

I just typed out an actual outline (from my notes) for the Trapper story. We are looking at 20 chapters, 8 of which are written. How well is to be determined, but written nevertheless. I will fill in the details later. But OMG 20 chapters. Who knew?

I have said "Who knew?" very often during this process. I am startlingly amazed by it. Who knew! Not always a question. What percolates out is fascinating to me, as I know not from where it comes, but that doesn't concern me really. I consciously do not let it concern me. I will just say thank you. Because I have found if I let those scary facts concern me, I don't get much writing done. So lalalala. I can repress with the best of them. Mad skillz as they say elsewhere. So while I free my inner critic (crap/not crap), and dance around the words, I let it flow. Some I know the reasoning, because biography works sometimes, and other times the creative muses do their work. Generally I don't believe in the concept of muses, but for lack of a better word, it works.

Have a great holiday if you are in the US. Celebrate like it means something.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nice timing for the 4th don't you think

From elsewhere, a comment from the Daily Kos (which I can't find because it isn't loading right now for some reason): Paris Hilton served more jail time than Scooter Libby.

That about says it all.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The contractile membranes of writing

This morning while I was waiting for the oil in my car to be changed, tires rotated, fun stuff like that, I outlined almost all of the rest of the story. Really rough, but farther than I have so far. The different threads tie together fairly well. I am mostly happy with it. And yesterday's concerns about Rev. Tithe have been mostly alleviated. He will indeed be useful! The two sisters may or may not be twins, I have yet to decide. They will be the undoing of the crazy postal worker. Since he is their neighbour and they have to endure his goings on in his garage, I am going to let them bring him down. Heh! As to the main female lead, Iris, I think I am going to make radical changes to her look. I have been somewhat unhappy with her look for a while, so I think I am going to give her a redo. It won't involve much rewriting, but I think it will be more realistic. She will still be rough hewn, but with a few edges that aren't gaping and raw dressed in blonde. More tough, less bimbo! She was bordering those fluffy skirt edges, and despite my joking about her middle name being Sue, I don't want to go there ;-)

So happy day, minus the house egging! I will have to update the outline, tightening it up, and then I may make a list of scenes. Some say that is useful to do. I will give it a try. If nothing else, it will keep me from wondering to widely.

Have a great evening!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Braiding that takes years

I just wrote the most broad outline for the rest of the story I am writing. I dare not yet call it a novel, bad karma or something. It is really bare, but I will trust that it will be filled in nicely as time, and my inspiration work together to help. I do trust that. Hey, it has been three years now, and it is still filling in. Like pie. LOL It doesn't have a strong ending yet either, many many threads to braid together so I am hopeful. >30K and counting. Or not counting.

One character, Reverend Tithe, seems to be forgotten. Maybe I should give him a gun or something. He will be useful as this moves along, giving solace and advice. I will put him to work soon, oooh, like Nabokov who called his characters galley slaves! That's the ticket! ::lashes whip::

Writing gives you a very powerful feeling. Surprising me, that.

Have a good one!