Monday, May 28, 2007

I googled and there is no one with that name

I love naming my characters, almost more than writing them. Love love love it!


  1. You sound wonderfully giddy. What are you working on ... or is it jinxy to ask??

    Beautiful photo -- is it Spring Creek Prairie?

    I'm going to email you ... maybe we can meet up!


  2. Hi: I have been working on this story for almost three years. I had never had the experience of a character, or characters getting in your head and not letting go before, so I knew I had to do something with it, and it is still blooming. Constantly stunning to me, that it remains.

    Initially when I posted the photo I thought it was the Homestead Monument, but then later that day I remembered it was indeed Spring Creek prairie. I have only been there once. It is amazing. The clefts in the earth, gah! So raw. Blows away Homestead prairie.

    Yes, email me and we can meet up. That would be excellent. My schedule is funky over the next bit, but we can figure it out. Good.