Monday, March 12, 2007

If your blog was a tree, what kind of tree would it be?

Birch. Totally. I love birch trees. I love how the bark layers scroll off the tree. I love the scattered bark that rolls down to the ground off the visible roots. I love how there are almost always three. Birch trees are never lonely because there are always two more. The leaves aren't bothersome. They fall gently too. The leaf shape does not shout its point, the wedge shape gentle. But despite that gentility, the very slight sharp teeth that edge the leaf gives it a little zing. Also, birch trees, especially a whole group of them, remind me of winter. The white amongst the green gives homage to all of the seasons, even those not among us.

I had a birch tree at the corner of our house when we lived in Connecticut. I miss so much about that yard, and after the 10 ft tall viburnum that edged the south side of the yard, I miss the birch the most.

Meme by way of Shakespeare's Sister.

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